50 Daily English Conversations – At The Bookstore

50 Daily English Conversations - At the Bookstore

Can you help me? I’m looking for a book.Man icon 1

Sure! What book are you looking for?Woman Icon 2

It’s called War.Man icon 1

OK. What is the name of the author?Woman Icon 2

The author’s name is John Smith.Man icon 1

OK. Give me a second. Let me check to see if we have it.Woman Icon 2

OK, it looks like we don’t have the book here. But we do have it a another store. Would you like to order it?Woman Icon 2

Sure, that would be great!Man icon 1

We can have it here by Thursday. We’ll save it for you.Woman Icon 2

Excellent! I guess I’ll be back on Thursday to pick it up.Man icon 1

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