English conversation - Do you have a dog?

50 Daily English Conversations - Do you have a dog?

Do you have a dog?Man icon 1

Yes, I have a beautiful golden Retriever, who I consider to be a family member.
Woman Icon 2

How long have you had it?Man icon 1

She has been in our family since she was a puppy, Goldy is 7 yeas old this year.Woman Icon 2

Why did you name her Goldy?Man icon 1

Because she is golden, and her fur is soft and golden.Woman Icon 2

That makes sense, is she an indoor dog or an outdoor dog?Man icon 1

She stays with us in the house mostly, but she loves to chase birds outside.Woman Icon 2

That must be fun for her but scary for the birds outside.Man icon 1

I don’t think she would hurt a bird, but she likes to chase them.Woman Icon 2

I’ve thought about getting a dog.Man icon 1

Good idea! You’d love it!Woman Icon 2

They are very entertaining.Woman Icon 2

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