50 Daily English Conversations – Driving Directions

50 Daily English Conversations - Driving Directions

We’re looking for the airport. Do you know where it is?Man icon 1

I do. I just flew in yesterday. I think I can help you.Woman Icon 2

We got off the freeway at the last street and I think we’re close.Man icon 1

You are within several blocks of the road that will take you there. Will you also need to park your car?.Woman Icon 2

No. We’ll be returning it. It’s a rental car.Man icon 1

I’m glad you said that. You’ll need to drive to a different location.Woman Icon 2

Is it far?Man icon 1

No, but it’s on the other side of the airport terminals.Woman Icon 2

Great! How do I get there?Man icon 1

Do you have a city map?Woman Icon 2

No. Man icon 1

OK, Turn left at the next major street. And follow the signs to the rental agency.Woman Icon 2

Great! Thank you! Have a nice day!Man icon 1

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