50 Daily English Conversations – Haircut

50 Daily English Conversations - Haircut

I like your haircut. How did you choose your new style?Woman Icon 2

I didn’t. The barber did. I thought he would know best.Man icon 1

He did a good job. How do you like having shorter hair?Woman Icon 2

It’s OK. I know it’ll grow out. But I might keep it this way. Several people have said they like it too.Man icon 1

Would you recommend him to cut my hair. I need a haircut too. But I don’t have a barber in this city yet.Woman Icon 2

Sure! I think you’ll like him. They also provide other services. And they have TVs so you won’t get bored when they cut your hair.Man icon 1

That sounds great! Can you give me his number?Woman Icon 2

Sure! Here it is. Good luck!Man icon 1

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