50 Daily English Conversations – Holiday Plans

50 Daily English Conversations - Holiday Plans

Do you have any plans for the holidays?Man icon 1

Not yet, but were’re still talking about what we want to do. What are you doing?Woman Icon 2

Were’re planning on going to an amusement part.Man icon 1

That should be a great time. What are you looking forward to most?Woman Icon 2

I love the ride especially the roller coasters. I like to go fast.Man icon 1

I don’t really like roller coasters. I prefer the slower rides.Woman Icon 2

And how about the food?Man icon 1

I love the food. Especially the ice cream and candy.Woman Icon 2

No kidding. That’s the best!Man icon 1

Well, have a great at time. And I want to see photos when you get back.Woman Icon 2

I’ll bring my camera. We should have some good ones.Man icon 1

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