50 Daily English Conversations – Hotel

50 Daily English Conversations - Hotel

Is this the overview hotel?Man icon 1

Yes it is.Woman Icon 2

I would like to make a reservation for three nights.Man icon 1

OK sir. I have your name. Is it John Roberts? And when will you be coming?Woman Icon 2

Yes, it’s John Roberts. I’ll be there on the second. I think it’s a Tuesday. Until Friday. I check out Friday morning.Man icon 1

Great! Would you like a smoking or non-smoking room?Woman Icon 2

Non-smoking please. I can’t stand the smell of smoke. Could I also get a room with a view?Man icon 1

That would be no problem sir. OK, so you have a reservation for Tuesday for three nights.Woman Icon 2

Excellent! I’ll see you on Tuesday.Man icon 1

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