50 Daily English Conversations – How Are You

50 Daily English Conversations - How Are You?

How are you doing, Sam?Woman Icon 2

I’m doing really well. Long time no see.
Man icon 1

Yeah, it has been a long time. At least 2 months.Woman Icon 2

So what have you been up to?Man icon 1

Well I got a new job and I moved into a new house.Woman Icon 2

A new job and a new house? What are you doing now?Man icon 1

I sell insurance. My old job was so boring that I just decided to quit.Woman Icon 2

And where do you live now?Man icon 1

I’m just on the other side of town. Actually a lot closer to you. We should hang out more.Woman Icon 2

Sounds good!Man icon 1

You have my number, right?Woman Icon 2

Yeah. I think I do. I’ll call you soon.Man icon 1

Great! See you!Woman Icon 2

See you!Man icon 1

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