50 Daily English Conversations – Hurricanes

50 Daily English Conversations - Hurricanes

Do you have hurricanes where you live?Man icon 1

Yes. Every once in a while we have a hurricane. Most of the time they are small.Woman Icon 2

Do they ever do serious damage?Man icon 1

Yes. Sometimes we will have a very strong wind and it will knock down trees and cause damage to buildings.Woman Icon 2

Has anyone gotten hurt?Man icon 1

Most times we have a hurricane everyone evacuates and we are all safe.Woman Icon 2

But if you live on a beach it can be very dangerous.Woman Icon 2

Why?Man icon 1

Because the waves get really big and it can flood.Woman Icon 2

If I go there should I be worried?Man icon 1

No, you’ll be fine. Hurricanes are rare and we know about them before they come.Woman Icon 2

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