50 Daily English Conversations – I’m Lost

50 Daily English Conversations - I'm Lost

Excuse me, do you know where Walnut Street is?Man icon 1

Walnut Street? Hmm. I’ve never heard of Walnut Street. Are you sure it’s not Maple Street?Woman Icon 2

Yeah, this is my friends house, he said his address is 25 Walnut Street.Man icon 1

Well, I don’t know where that street is. Have you tried using the map on your phone?Woman Icon 2

Yes, every time I type the address up, it just says error.Man icon 1

I think you should try 25 Maple Street. It’s very close to here.Woman Icon 2

Maybe I will. How do I get there?Man icon 1

Just follow this road until you get to the intersection and make a left turn. It’s the first street. You’ll see it.Woman Icon 2

Thanks!Man icon 1

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