50 Daily English Conversations – In The Office

50 Daily English Conversations - In The Office

Hey Jane. Could you do me a big favor?Man icon 1

Absolutely! What do you need?Woman Icon 2

I have a big report that I need to print out. But I just found out that my printer is completely out of ink.Man icon 1

Can you go to the store and buy me some ink. I need black ink and color ink.Man icon 1

OK. How much will it cost?Woman Icon 2

It should be almost 50 dollars. I can reimburse you later. Is that OK?Man icon 1

Sure!Woman Icon 2

And could you pick up some white paper too? I’m running low on that.Man icon 1

Sure. So I’ll get ink and white paper.Woman Icon 2

Yes. And I’ll pay you back tomorrow.Man icon 1

I’ll expect that.Woman Icon 2

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