50 Daily English Conversations – Looking Good

50 Daily English Conversations - Looking Good

Wow! You look great today. What’s the occasion?Man icon 1

Thanks. I found this shirt on sale and I had to have it. It was 75% off!Woman Icon 2

That’s so cheap! What about the shorts?Man icon 1

The shorts were a little more expensive. But they are so comfortable. And I like the color.Woman Icon 2

And the shoes? Are the shoes new?Man icon 1

These shoes? I’ve had them for several months but I don’t wear them very often so they still look new.Woman Icon 2

I need to go buy some new clothes as well. Maybe I’ll go to the same place. Is there still a sale?Man icon 1

Yes, there is a sale this whole month.Woman Icon 2

I’ll go tomorrow.Man icon 1

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