50 Daily English Conversations – No Homework!

50 Daily English Conversations - No Homework!

Do we have another test today?Man icon 1

Yes! Why?Woman Icon 2

Well, we had one yesterday and again last week.Man icon 1

I failed both of them. This class is so hard.Man icon 1

It would be a lot easier if you just did the homework.Woman Icon 2

Yeah, well. The homework takes way to long. I have other more important things to do.Man icon 1

Like what?Woman Icon 2

Like play video games. They are way more fun!Man icon 1

Yeah, but video games don’t help you get a job.Woman Icon 2

Maybe I can make money playing video games. If others have done it I can do it too.Man icon 1

OK, Good luck with that.Woman Icon 2

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