50 Daily English Conversations – Rainy Day

50 Daily English Conversations - Rainy Day

I hate rainy days. Every time it rains, my hair gets all wet.Man icon 1

Well, Why don’t you take an umbrella?Woman Icon 2

I do take an umbrella. But it still gets wet.Man icon 1

I love rainy days.Woman Icon 2

What! Why?Man icon 1

Because when it rains I can stay inside and drink some warm hot chocolate by the fire.Woman Icon 2

After it rains all the plants and trees turn green.Woman Icon 2

Not in the winter.Man icon 1

Well, it depends on where you live. I live in Hawaii. It rains a lot but it is never too cold there.Woman Icon 2

I’m from Colorado. We have cold rain and then it snows. I hate snow too!Man icon 1

What! You don’t like the now?Woman Icon 2

I like a little snow. But when we have snow everyday for three months it gets old and it’s freezing.Man icon 1

Well, maybe we should switch places.Woman Icon 2

That’s a good idea.Man icon 1

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