Tell Me About Your Family

50 Daily English Conversations - Tell Me About Your Family

Would you tell me about your family?Woman Icon 2

What would you like to know?Man icon 1

Do you have brothers and sisters?Woman Icon 2

I have one sister and two brothers. One brother is older and the other is younger.Man icon 1

And how about your parents? Are they living?Woman Icon 2

Yes, My mother lives here several blocks from my home. My father lives with my stepmother in another city.Man icon 1

Do you see them often?Woman Icon 2

Who? My parents or my siblings?Man icon 1

All of them.Woman Icon 2

I see my mother and sister every week for dinner. And I only see my brothers for special holidays.Man icon 1

My Dad is usually busy with his wife’s family and they don’t like to travel.Man icon 1

Well, that’s great your mother and sister are so close. Family means a lot.Woman Icon 2

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  • ebtsam ahmed 17 September, 2020 @ 5:49 pm

    my child liked it more

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