50 Daily English Conversations – Weekend Plans

50 Daily English Conversations - Weekend Plans

Do you have any plans for this weekend?Man icon 1

No, Why? And what are you doing?Woman Icon 2

I was thinking of going to the beach. My friend owns a house that is literally next to the beach.Man icon 1

Wow! That sounds nice. What are you going to do there?Woman Icon 2

Well. I’ve never done surfing before. My friend said he would teach me.Man icon 1

I have always wanted to do surfing. Do you think it is hard?Woman Icon 2

I don’t know. Do you want to go? You can try too. He has an extra surf board.Man icon 1

Are you sure? Would he say it’s OK?Woman Icon 2

Oh yeah! He loves having new people over. Let’s go, it’ll be so much fun.Man icon 1

I can’t wait.Woman Icon 2

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