50 Daily English Conversations – Where Did You Grow Up

50 Daily English Conversations - Where did you grow up?

Where did you grow up? You sound like you are not from around here.Man icon 1

You’re right, I grew up in the countryside.Woman Icon 2

Did you live on a farm?Man icon 1

Actually yes, my family owns a farm in the country.Woman Icon 2

Do you have any animals out there?Man icon 1

Definitely! We have cows, chickens and goats.Woman Icon 2

What do you grow on the farm?Man icon 1

We mainly grow corn, but we also have other plants.Woman Icon 2

Do you grow apples? I love apples.Man icon 1

Not really, we have one apple tree but it doesn’t grow very many apples.Woman Icon 2

And what about oranges?Man icon 1

We have a lot of oranges. Maybe I’ll bring you some next time I go back.Woman Icon 2

Cool!Man icon 1

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