Abandon in a sentence

Abandon in a sentence

What's the meaning of abandon

The verb “abandon” means to leave behind or give up completely, often with the implication of forsaking or deserting something or someone. It can also refer to the act of leaving a place or thing empty or unoccupied.

The word can be used in a variety of contexts, such as in reference to abandoning a project, abandoning a relationship, abandoning a plan, abandoning a goal, abandoning a place, or abandoning an idea.

50 sentences of abandon:

The mother had to abandon her newborn at the hospital.

He felt the urge to abandon his old habits and start fresh.

The hikers were forced to abandon their climb due to the dangerous weather conditions.

The company had to abandon its plans to expand due to financial difficulties.

The car was abandoned on the side of the road after it broke down.

The sailor had to abandon ship when it started to sink.

The project was abandoned after it proved to be unfeasible.

The city was abandoned during the war and left in ruins.

The old house was abandoned and left to decay.

The cat was abandoned by its owner and left to fend for itself.

The dog was abandoned by its previous owner and left at the animal shelter.

The artist abandoned his traditional style and adopted a new one.

The actor abandoned his role in the middle of the play due to illness.

The writer abandoned his manuscript after losing inspiration.

The student abandoned his studies and dropped out of school.

The team had to abandon the game due to a thunderstorm.

The hunters abandoned their search for the lost hiker after days of searching.

The committee decided to abandon the proposal and start anew.

The company abandoned its outdated technology and embraced new innovations.

The scientist abandoned his theory after discovering evidence to the contrary.

The soldier abandoned his post and deserted the army.

The investors abandoned the startup after it failed to meet its targets.

The customer abandoned the shopping cart and left the store without making a purchase.

The dream was abandoned after years of chasing it without success.

The car manufacturer decided to abandon the production of gas-guzzling SUVs.

The bride was abandoned at the altar by her groom.

The climber abandoned his attempt to climb the mountain due to exhaustion.

The parents abandoned their child in the park and never returned.

The traveler abandoned his itinerary and decided to explore the city on foot.

The politician abandoned his campaign after a scandal broke out.

The ship captain abandoned his ship and crew to save his own life.

The driver abandoned his car after it caught fire on the highway.

The company abandoned its plans to enter the international market due to political instability.

The team abandoned their plan to hike to the summit due to the treacherous terrain.

The company abandoned its policy of secrecy and started sharing information with the public.

The artist abandoned his studio and moved to a new location.

The teacher abandoned the traditional teaching methods and adopted a new approach.

The patient abandoned the treatment due to side effects.

The employee abandoned his job without giving notice.

The partygoers abandoned the party when the police arrived.

The bird abandoned its nest after it was disturbed by a predator.

The fisherman abandoned his fishing spot after a fish was caught and the others left.

The athlete abandoned the race due to injury.

The company abandoned its plan to merge with another company due to regulatory hurdles.

The band abandoned their old sound and experimented with a new one.

The parents abandoned their pet when they moved to a new house.

The village was abandoned after the volcano erupted.

The pilot abandoned his flight plan due to bad weather.

The farmer abandoned his crop due to drought conditions.

The employee abandoned his project and started working on a new one.

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