Ability in a sentence

Ability in a sentence

What's the meaning of ability

The noun “ability” refers to the power or capacity to do something, especially to perform a particular action or task with proficiency or skill. It implies having a natural or acquired talent or competence in a specific area, such as intellectual ability, artistic ability, physical ability, or emotional ability.

Ability can also refer to the potential or aptitude to learn and acquire new skills, as well as to adapt to changing circumstances. Overall, ability is a quality that enables someone to perform effectively and succeed in a given endeavor.

50 sentences of ability:

  • He has the ability to learn quickly.
  • She possesses great artistic abilities.
  • His athletic abilities have earned him numerous awards.
  • The organization is looking for candidates with strong leadership abilities.
  • The teacher is known for her ability to motivate her students.
  • The scientist’s ability to think creatively led to breakthrough discoveries.
  • The athlete’s ability to perform under pressure is unparalleled.
  • The musician’s ability to play multiple instruments is impressive.
  • The engineer’s ability to solve complex problems is highly valued.
  • The writer’s ability to convey emotions through words is exceptional.
  • The speaker’s ability to communicate effectively to diverse audiences is commendable.
  • The artist’s ability to capture a moment in time through their work is remarkable.
  • The chef’s ability to create new and delicious dishes is legendary.
  • The doctor’s ability to diagnose and treat patients has saved countless lives.
  • The researcher’s ability to conduct experiments and analyze data is critical to their field.
  • The programmer’s ability to write efficient code has resulted in successful software applications.
  • The dancer’s ability to perform intricate choreography with precision is awe-inspiring.
  • The actor’s ability to portray a range of emotions is what makes them stand out.
  • The politician’s ability to negotiate and compromise is essential to their role.
  • The entrepreneur’s ability to identify new opportunities and take calculated risks is what sets them apart.
  • The athlete’s ability to adapt to different playing conditions is what makes them a top performer.
  • The salesperson’s ability to persuade and influence customers is what makes them successful.
  • The lawyer’s ability to argue persuasively in court is what makes them successful.
  • The teacher’s ability to differentiate instruction for diverse learners is what makes them effective.
  • The coach’s ability to inspire and motivate their team is what leads to victories.
  • The journalist’s ability to report objectively and investigate thoroughly is what makes them credible.
  • The accountant’s ability to manage finances effectively is crucial to any organization.
  • The architect’s ability to design functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings is what sets them apart.
  • The consultant’s ability to analyze complex business problems and provide solutions is what clients seek.
  • The counselor’s ability to listen empathetically and provide support is what helps their clients.
  • The illustrator’s ability to bring stories to life through their art is what makes them unique.
  • The diplomat’s ability to navigate complex international relations is essential to their role.
  • The therapist’s ability to help clients work through their emotional and mental health challenges is what makes them effective.
  • The historian’s ability to research and interpret the past is critical to understanding the present.
  • The mechanic’s ability to repair and maintain vehicles is what keeps them on the road.
  • The social worker’s ability to advocate for marginalized populations is what makes them invaluable.
  • The pilot’s ability to safely operate an aircraft is essential to their profession.
  • The landscaper’s ability to transform outdoor spaces into beautiful environments is what makes them sought after.
  • The conductor’s ability to bring together a group of musicians into a harmonious performance is what makes them skilled.
  • The singer’s ability to convey emotions through their voice makes them great performers.
  • The designer’s ability to create visually appealing graphics and layouts is what makes them in demand.
  • The mathematician’s ability to solve complex equations and problems is critical to many fields.
  • The researcher’s ability to conduct experiments and analyze data is essential to many scientific fields.
  • The marketer’s ability to develop successful campaigns that resonate with their target audience is what makes them effective.
  • The detective’s ability to gather and analyze evidence is critical to solving crimes.
  • The therapist’s ability to establish trust and rapport with clients is what helps them create a safe space for healing.
  • The customer service representative’s ability to empathize and provide solutions is what leads to customer satisfaction.
  • The veterinarian’s ability to diagnose and treat animals is essential to their profession.
  • The scientist’s ability to communicate complex scientific concepts to the public is essential for promoting scientific literacy.
  • The coach’s ability to identify and develop talent is what leads to success in sports.

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