Agreement and Disagreement Conversation

Agreement and Disagreement Conversation

Dialogue 1

Good morning, Miss Wang.Man icon 1

Good morning, Mr. Gates.Woman Icon 2

What a fine day, why don’t we go to the cinema?Man icon 1

That’s a good idea, but I have something important to do right now.Woman Icon 2

Oh, what a pity. What about tomorrow? There will be a new film on show.Man icon 1

Harry Potter 6?Woman Icon 2

Yes, it is. What do you think of it?Man icon 1

I’m looking forward to see it.Woman Icon 2

It’s very worthwhile to see.Man icon 1

You are right. But when and where shall we meet?Woman Icon 2

What about 8:00 tomorrow morning at the Capitol cinema?Man icon 1

Ok, see you tomorrow.Woman Icon 2

See you.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

B, do you have time tonight?Man icon 1

Yes, of course!Woman Icon 2

Look, C has invited me to his birthday party, do you want to go with me?Man icon 1

I’d love to. I think we should bring him a gift.Woman Icon 2

I can’t agree with you anymore. What do you think?Man icon 1

What does he like? What about a bottle of wine?Woman Icon 2

Maybe not. He doesn’t drink. How about a DVD version of Slumdog Millionaire? That’s his favorite movie.Man icon 1

Sounds awesome. Let’s go to the DVD store now.Woman Icon 2

Sure.Man icon 1

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