Angry in a sentence

Angry in a sentence

What's the meaning of Angry

The word “angry” is an adjective used to describe a strong feeling of displeasure, irritation, or hostility. It can be used to describe a person who is experiencing this emotion or to describe the cause of the emotion itself.

50 sentences of Angry:

  • His angry outburst startled everyone in the room.
  • She was so angry that she slammed the door.
  • I’m angry that I didn’t get the promotion.
  • The customer was angry about the poor service she received.
  • He tried to hide his angry feelings, but it was obvious from his body language.
  • The driver was angry at the other car for cutting him off.
  • I get angry when people talk during movies.
  • The protesters were angry about the government’s decision.
  • The dog growled with an angry expression on its face.
  • The teacher’s angry tone silenced the chatty students.
  • I was angry with my friend for not keeping their promise.
  • My boss gets angry when things don’t go according to plan.
  • The angry mob marched down the street, chanting and shouting.
  • The customer was angry with the restaurant for getting the order wrong.
  • I can’t help but feel angry when people are being mistreated.
  • The mother was angry with her child for breaking the vase.
  • The coach was angry with the team’s performance during the game.
  • The politician’s angry response to the question showed his frustration.
  • The angry driver honked his horn repeatedly.
  • I was angry at myself for forgetting the important appointment.
  • She was so angry that she could hardly speak.
  • The customer service representative was able to calm down the angry customer.
  • The teacher’s angry glare silenced the rowdy students.
  • The angry words exchanged between the two friends ended their relationship.
  • The angry storm clouds loomed over the city.
  • The angry bull charged at the matador in the ring.
  • The angry cat hissed and arched its back.
  • The father’s angry tone made his child cry.
  • The angry driver slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the pedestrian.
  • The angry email he sent to his boss cost him his job.
  • The angry protesters marched through the streets, demanding justice.
  • The angry debate between the two politicians was broadcasted live.
  • The angry parent scolded their child for misbehaving.
  • The angry dog barked ferociously at the intruder.
  • The angry bees swarmed around the hive when it was disturbed.
  • The angry expression on her face made it clear she was not happy.
  • The angry tone of her voice signaled trouble ahead.
  • The angry customer demanded a refund for the faulty product.
  • The angry mother bear growled when her cubs were threatened.
  • The angry boss yelled at the employee for not meeting the deadline.
  • The angry villagers protested against the construction of the factory.
  • The angry landlord threatened to evict the tenant for not paying rent.
  • The angry athlete smashed their racket on the ground in frustration.
  • The angry chef threw a fit when the order was incorrect.
  • The angry customer left a scathing review of the restaurant.
  • The angry girlfriend threw her boyfriend’s gift out of the window.
  • The angry wife gave her husband the silent treatment.
  • The angry horse neighed and kicked when its rider fell off.
  • The angry neighbor called the police about the loud music.
  • The angry boss stormed out of the meeting in frustration.

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