Arranging a Banquet English Conversation

Arranging a Banquet English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Good afternoon. Lily catering company. May I help you?Woman Icon 2

Good afternoon. This is Mike Lee over at ABC company. We need to arrange a banquet for next Tuesday.Man icon 1

I see, Mr.Lee. How many people are you planning to invite and how much would you like to spend per person?Woman Icon 2

Well. We’re expecting about 55 people and we’d like to spend no more than $15 a head.Man icon 1

When will the dinner start?Woman Icon 2

At 7:00 in the evening.Man icon 1

Is this an ultra formal party?Woman Icon 2

Yes. Please prepare it carefully.Man icon 1

Don’t worry about it. We’ll make it to your entire satisfaction.Woman Icon 2

Thank you in advance.Man icon 1

Dialogue 1

We’re going to have a wedding party in your hotel. Can you arrange it for us, miss?Man icon 1

Sure. We’re glad that you choose our hotel to hold a wedding party. Which restaurant would you like?Woman Icon 2

Chinese style, of course.Man icon 1

When will you hold the party?Woman Icon 2

On May 1st.Man icon 1

How many tables would you like to reserve?Woman Icon 2

37Man icon 1

How much would you like to spend for each table?Woman Icon 2

One thousand to two thousand yuan. And would you play some good pop music at the party?Man icon 1

Of course. I wish you a happy wedding!Woman Icon 2

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