Artificial Sentence in English

Artificial Definition

1. (adj) made by people, often as a copy of something natural:

  • an artificial island.
  • artificial flowers

2. (adj) not sincere; not truly intended

  • an artificial smile
  • Her cheerfulness seemed artificial.

Artificial Sentence in English

These are exciting times for Artificial Intelligence, or AI. (Source: The Royal Society)

For Starship landing on Mars, it could have its own artificial vision, with multiple onboard cameras trained to avoid rough terrain and land the spacecraft on flat ground. (Source: Primal Space)

Part of the research involves developing better biofuels and artificial soil to make life on the vessel possible. (Source: TopTenz)

We’re continuing to look closely at how artificial intelligence is impacting the workplace and this month our focus is on the health sciences, biotechnology, and life sciences. (Source: Montgomery College)

When they’re out of work, they become bandits, creating artificial demand for the services. (Source: Big Think)

We’re really interested in the feedback loop between individual, artificial and ecological systems. (Source: TED)

So now we’re turning to artificial intelligence to help us make faster and smarter decisions to process this ever-expanding universe of data. (Source: TED)

Applying artificial intelligence to biometric data creates a truly personalized experience. (Source: TED)

A lot of people think that the future will belong to AI, artificial intelligence, and cyber and cyber war. (Source: Big Think)

The Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island 920 feet from jumeirah beach and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. (Source: Revisionee)

Ahead of the 1992 Olympics, the town council set about the creation of an artificial beach from the tip of the Barceloneta to Poblenou. (Source: Revisionee)

With an artificial rainforest, African plains, and an icy Arctic enclosure, Copenhagen Zoo is a great day out for all the family. (Source: Revisionee)

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