Asking for Help Conversation

Asking for Help Conversation

Dialogue 1

Excuse me. I have a favor to ask you.Man icon 1

Sure. What is it?Woman Icon 2

I am wondering if there is any good restaurant around.Man icon 1

Oh yes. There is a noodle shop.Woman Icon 2

Could you show me the way to it!Man icon 1

Go down to the corner and turn right. Go straight ahead until you come to a traffic light. Turn left there. It’s the second or third house on your right. It is easy to find. You can’t miss it.Woman Icon 2

Thank you for your help. You have done me a great favor.Man icon 1

No bother. And the seafood noodle there is amazing. You should give it a shot.Woman Icon 2

Thank you for your recommendation. I will try.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

May I ask you a favor?Man icon 1

Tell me what you need.Woman Icon 2

May I borrow your car tomorrow?Man icon 1

Sorry, I can’t. My car is broken and under repair. Sorry that I can’t help.Woman Icon 2

It’s okay. I will ask others.Man icon 1

You could take a chance with John. He has a car too. He might be willing to lend.Woman Icon 2

Thank you. I will call him later.Man icon 1

Sorry. Tell me if there is anything I can do for you.Woman Icon 2

I will. Thank you.Man icon 1

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