At the Restaurant Conversation

At the Restaurant Conversation

Dialogue 1

Wang Lei, where are you going to have dinner?Woman Icon 2

I haven’t decided yet.Man icon 1

I’m on my way to the cafeteria. Would you like to join me?Woman Icon 2

A fancy and Indian takeaway. Is there any Indian restaurant around here?Man icon 1

There’s an Indian takeaway around the corner.Woman Icon 2

Do you know their telephone number?Man icon 1

Yes, I placed an order over the phone yesterday. Let me look it up. Oh, it’s here.Woman Icon 2

Thank you. How do you like it?Man icon 1

The food is delicious.Woman Icon 2

Well, I will phone them up now.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Hello, is that Chinese takeaway restaurant?Man icon 1

Yes. Would you like to have an order, sir?Woman Icon 2

En, do you have fried rice?Man icon 1

Yes, they have Yang Chow fried rice, chicken fried rice, fried rice with scallop now.Woman Icon 2

It said that the shrimp fried rice is really delicious. Please give me one share.Man icon 1

Sorry, there is no shrimp fried rice now. What about chicken fried rice?Woman Icon 2

That will also do.Man icon 1

Do you like some soup?Woman Icon 2

No, thanks, I’m on the third floor in room 377, in Empire State Building.Man icon 1

Okay. It will be delivered in 20 minutes.Woman Icon 2

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