At the Supermarket Conversation

At the Supermarket Conversation

Dialogue 1

Excuse me, where is the fruit and vegetable section?Man icon 1

Go all the way to the back and turn right.Woman Icon 2

Thank you. I’d like some bananas.Man icon 1

Okay, anything else?Woman Icon 2

Give me a pound of tomatoes and a pound of eggplants.Man icon 1

Here you are.Woman Icon 2

Thanks. Where is the cashier?Man icon 1

Go straight and turn left.Woman Icon 2

Thanks. Will they take credit card?Man icon 1

I think so.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

We have to buy a lot of things today.Woman Icon 2

Yes. How about we divide the list and meet here in 20 minutes.Man icon 1

That’s a good idea. You get the milk, beef, eggs, apples, and honey. I can get the tomatoes, peas, coffee, lettuce, and bananas.Woman Icon 2

Okay, but where is milk?Man icon 1

It’s over there in the dairy section.Woman Icon 2

Good.Man icon 1

You got everything?Woman Icon 2

I think so.Man icon 1

Let’s go to the cashier in the front.Woman Icon 2

Sure.Man icon 1

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