Buying a House English Conversation

Buying a House English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Hello. I’m calling about the apartment you advertised.Woman Icon 2

Yes. What kind of apartment are you interested in?Man icon 1

I’m interested in a one-bedroom. Do you have any available?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I have one. When do you need it?Man icon 1

Sometime around next week.Woman Icon 2

Well. It’s actually a one-bedroom apartment.Man icon 1

May I come over tomorrow to take a look?Woman Icon 2

Sure. What time would you like to come?Man icon 1

How about 10 a.m?Woman Icon 2

Good. May I have your name, please?Man icon 1

My name is Blanca.Woman Icon 2

Thanks for calling, Blanca. I’ll see you tomorrow.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

The apartment looks pretty decent around 120m², right?Woman Icon 2

Yes.Man icon 1

What about the surrounding area?Woman Icon 2

Very quiet and safe. And it’s got a lot of trees and plants.Man icon 1

That’s good. Is the location easily accessible?Woman Icon 2

Yes, it’s near a bus stop.Man icon 1

Well, maybe we can buy this one then.Woman Icon 2

When can you make a decision?Man icon 1

I’ll phone you as soon as possible.Woman Icon 2

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