Calling for an Ambulance English Conversation

Calling for an Ambulance

Dialogue 1

Look, that man just fell down over there.Man icon 1

Oh, God. We need to see if he’s okay.Woman Icon 2

Hey, man? Are you all right?Man icon 1

He is not responding. We need to call in ambulance. Let me dial 911.Woman Icon 2

 911 here. How can I help you?Man icon 2

There is a man passed out.Woman Icon 2

May I have your location Miss?Man icon 2

Maple Street, near the church.Woman Icon 2

Okay, Miss. The ambulance will be there in two minutes. Please stay there. We’ll find you.Man icon 2

 Alright. Please hurry.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Here is 911. Can I help you?Woman Icon 2

Yes, emergency. There is a huge fire here.Man icon 1

Stay calm, Sir. Could you tell me your name and location now?Woman Icon 2

My name is Smith. I’m on the corner of South Street.Man icon 1

Okay, how many people in the house, Mr.Smith?Woman Icon 2

Three people. Someone has been passed out. Please send an ambulance.Man icon 1

 Alright. Our men will be there in three minutes.Woman Icon 2

Please come immediately.Man icon 1

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