Car Parts Vocabulary

Car Parts Vocabulary with Pictures

Car Parts Vocabulary CONTROLS Acceleratorthe pedal (= a part that you push with your foot) in a vehicle that makes it go fasterBrake pedalthe pedal that you push down with your foot to make a vehicle slow down or stopFuel gaugean indicator of the amount of fuel remaining in a vehicleGear Sticka metal rod that […]

Parts of a House

25 Parts of a House English Vocabulary

Parts of a House List House Room Balcony Bathroom Bedroom Dining room Living room Kitchen Garage Roof Chimney Garden Pool Toilet Window Staircase Door Floor Wall Ceiling Lawn Path Fence Doorbell Doormat Parts of a House  House /haʊs/ Meaning: a building that people, usually one family, live in Sentence: They live in a little house. […]

Months of the Year List

12 Months of the Year List

Months of the Year List January February March April May June July August September October November December Months of the Year List song  January /ˈdʒæn.ju.ə.ri/ Meaning: the first month of the year, after December, and before February. Sentence: His mother died in January.  February /ˈər.i/ Meaning: the second month of the year, after January and […]

Again in a Sentence

Use the Word Again in a Sentence

Use the Word Again in a Sentence Again /əˈɡen/ Again meaning: 1. One more time What was your name again? Do it again! She won again. Try it again. He lost again. I saw her again. The baby cried again. I’ll check again. She apologizes then does it again 2. Back to the original place or condition They went to […]

Negative in a Sentence

Negative in a Sentence

Negative in a Sentence Negative /ˈneɡ.ə.t̬ɪv/ AdjectiveNounVerb Adjective 1. Expressing “no” That, I take it, was a negative answer. They received a negative answer to their request. The negative reply dashed her spirits. 2. Not expecting good things He’s so negative. He has a negative attitude toward life. She’s so negative about everything! Why does he […]

Additional in a Sentence

Use the Word Additional in a Sentence

Use the word Additional in a Sentence Additional /əˈdɪʃ.ən.əl/ Additional meaning (adjective): extra We received additional funding. There will be no additional charge for our services. They require additional information. The train took on additional passengers. Their plan has lots of additional advantages.

Use the word About in a Sentence

Use the Word about in a Sentence

Use the word About in a Sentence About /əˈbaʊt/ PrepositionAdverbAdjective Preposition About preposition: connected with, on the subject of I’m worried about you. They were talking about Tom. I got the information about the course. He’s worried about his job. Adverb 1. About adverb: approximately It’s about 10 km away. Their house is worth about 300,000 dollars. He […]

Forest Animals

Forest Animals Vocabulary in English

33 Forest Animals Vocabulary 1. Antelope 2. Bear 3. Beaver 4. Bison 5. Butterfly 6. Buffalo 7. Cheetah 8. Cougar 9. Deer 10. Dragonfly 11. Eagle 12. Elephant 13. Fox 14. Gazelle 15. Gecko 16. Giraffe 17. Gorilla 18. Hare 19. Hawk 20. Leopard 21. Lion 22. Meerkat 23. Monkey 24. Moose 25. Okapi 26. […]

Name of Games Vocabulary in English

Name of Games Vocabulary in English

The Name of Sports List Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball Billiards Bowling Boxing Car racing Climbing Cricket Curling Cycling Fencing Figure skating Fishing Fitness Football Golf Gymnastics Hang-gliding Hockey Horse racing Judo Karate Rugby Running Shooting Skateboarding Surfing Table tennis Tennis Volleyball Weightlifting Wrestling Yoga Names of Sports and Games Shooting with a bow and arrows, […]

List of rhyming words

List of Rhyming Words

List of Rhyming Words Ad /æd/ Ex. Who created the concept for the ad campaign?  Add /æd/ Ex. If you add three and four you get seven.  All  /ɑːl/ Ex. All the eggs got broken.  Ball  /bɑːl/ Ex. The kids were outside playing ball.  Call  /kɑːl/ Ex. Do you think we should call the police? […]