Changing an Appointment English Conversation

Changing an Appointment English Conversation

Dialogue 1

I’m sorry to tell you that I have to cancel our appointment.Woman Icon 1

What happened?Man icon 2

I must meet someone at the airport this afternoon.Woman Icon 1

I’m sorry to hear that. Shall we meet tomorrow afternoon?Man icon 2

Let me see. Oh, I have another appointment that afternoonWoman Icon 1

Then, how about tomorrow morning?Man icon 2

Sorry, I will attend a meeting tomorrow morning.Woman Icon 1

It seems you won’t see me in this week, huh?Man icon 2

Oh, come on, you misunderstood me. I’m really busy this week. What do you say if I call you as soon as I’m free.Woman Icon 1

All right, you’d better call me soon.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

Hello!Man icon 2

Hello! Is this Mr.Will?Man icon 1

Yes.Man icon 2

This is Smith. I wonder if our meeting could be put back a day or so.Man icon 1

Oh, let me see…Man icon 2

Would it be possible to postpone our meeting until Wednesday?Man icon 1

Yes, sure.Man icon 2

Would 2:30 p.m. be convenient for you?Man icon 1

Yes, 2:30 p.m. is fine.Man icon 2

Thank you very much. Goodbye, Mr. Will! I will see you in your office on Wednesday afternoon.Man icon 1

I will be there waiting for you.Man icon 2

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