Chatting Someone Up in English

Chatting Someone Up in English

Dialogue 1

Nice day, isn’t it?Woman Icon 1

Yes, very good.Man icon 1

What’s the weather like in London?Woman Icon 1

Just now, it’s like in London, warm and sunny.Man icon 1

Does it usually rain a lot In London?Woman Icon 1

I suppose so. We get a lot of rain, but we also get good weather.Man icon 1

Beijing can be very hot in summer. I prefer autumn.Woman Icon 1

Yes. I like autumn and spring, too.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Hi, may I have the pleasure of buying you a drink?Man icon 1

Ok, thank you.Woman Icon 1

How do you like vodka?Man icon 1

I’m afraid it’s too strong for me.Woman Icon 1

Then I suggest you have a taste of Shanghai cocktail.Man icon 1

That’s a good idea.Woman Icon 1

There is a floor show in our lobby bar. Would you like to see it?Man icon 1

Sure, let’s go.Woman Icon 1

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