Coffee Shop Conversation Starters

Coffee Shop Conversation Starters

Dialogue 1

Does your coffee shop open now?Man icon 1

Yes. Will you have a coffee.Woman Icon 2

I don’t care if I do.Man icon 1

Which kind of coffee do you like? Do you take black or white coffee?Woman Icon 2

White, please.Man icon 1

Okay. You could have a table over there by the window.Woman Icon 2

There’s a nice view. Do you mind my smoking?Man icon 1

I’m terribly sorry, but smoking is not allowed here.Woman Icon 2

It doesn’t matter. Could you please tell me where the smoking room is?Man icon 1

That room is put apart for smoking and you can go there.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Welcome to the Coffee Shop. What can I do for you?Woman Icon 2

Two coffees, please.Man icon 1

Do you want some sugar and cream?Woman Icon 2

No, black coffee, please.Man icon 1

All right. Is there anything I can do for you?Woman Icon 2

Is there any refreshment?Man icon 1

There are many snacks for free over there, and they are so delicious.Woman Icon 2

Oh that’s great.Man icon 1

Sit anywhere you like, please.Woman Icon 2

Okay.Man icon 1

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