Computer Shopping Conversation in English

Computer Shopping Conversation

 My computer isn’t working. Can you help me find a new one?Man icon 1

 Sure. What kind of computer do you have?Woman Icon 2

  It was a laptop. I use it everyday for work.Man icon 1

 May I ask what happed to it?Woman Icon 2

 I was at a coffee shop, and some guy spilled his coffee on it. After that, it just wouldn’t turn on anymore.Man icon 1

Here are all of our newest laptops. Do you have any in mind?Woman Icon 2

No, I just need one with a lot of memory space.Man icon 1

We have one with one terabyte of space. Will that be enough?Woman Icon 2

 One terabyte should be plenty. How much?Man icon 1

  Six hundred dollars plus tax.Woman Icon 2

 Perfect! I’ll take this one. Does it come in another color?Man icon 1

   Yes. Grey, Black, and White.Woman Icon 2

  Ok. I’ll take a black one.Man icon 1

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