Conversation about Cleaning the House

Conversation about Cleaning the House

Dialogue 1

This kitchens a mess!Woman Icon 2

We should indeed do some cleaning.Man icon 1

Have you anything else to do?Woman Icon 2

Nothing important.Man icon 1

Now, then, get about the job at once.Woman Icon 2

I will go and wash out one or two rags.Man icon 1

What a dump! Especially this side of the glass is filthy.Woman Icon 2

If the oil blur on the surface of the glass is too thick to wipe off with dry cloth, wet the cloth with ether.Man icon 1

That goes for me, too. I’ll bring it over.Woman Icon 2

By the way, could you wash the rags?Man icon 1

Please, throw me that.Woman Icon 2

Catch, please.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Nice weather we’re having.Man icon 1

Yes, but you see, our bedroom is very untidy. Let’s clean it up at once!Woman Icon 2

I have some business to attend to and need to go out at once. Would you mind us clearing it up tonight?Man icon 1

I’m sorry I was engaged for a shopping this evening.Woman Icon 2

Some other time then?Man icon 1

Please keep your things together. I’ll see the rest.Woman Icon 2

I’m really sorry for that I cannot help you.Man icon 1

Oh, never mind. Have you taken your dirty coat?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I’ve heard the dirty clothes into the washing machine just now.Man icon 1

Ok, you may go. Leave it to me.Woman Icon 2

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