Conversation Between Two Friends in Library

Conversation Between Two Friends in Library

Dialogue 1

Good morning.Man icon 1

Morning. What can I do for you?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I’m a new student here. I’d like to know how to use the library.Man icon 1

You need your student identification to check out books.Woman Icon 2

Okay. And how many books am I allowed to check out?Man icon 1

Five books at a time.Woman Icon 2

How long can I keep the books?Man icon 1

For 42 days including weekends. Don’t pass the due day.Woman Icon 2

Can I renew the books after the first 42 days?Man icon 1

Yes. You can do it on the library website. But you can only renew once in one semester.Woman Icon 2

I see. Thank you.Man icon 1

 You are welcome.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Can I help you?Woman Icon 2

Have you got the latest Time magazine?Man icon 1

Yes, but it was checked out.Woman Icon 2

Oh, really? I’ve missed it again.Man icon 1

It’s popular, you know. You want to reserve it?Woman Icon 2

Yes, please.Man icon 1

Fill out this form, and we’ll send you a note when we have the book back.Woman Icon 2

Thank you.Man icon 1

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