Conversation in the Bank in English

Dialogue 1

Good morning, sir. How can I help you?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I’d like to withdraw some money from this account.Man icon 1

Okay. How much do you want?Woman Icon 2

Five hundred dollars.Man icon 1

Can you fill out this form, please? You need to write down your name, your account number, how much money you want.Woman Icon 2

Sure. Hold on for a moment. Here you are.Man icon 1

Thanks. Sir, please enter your password over that machine.Woman Icon 2

Okay.Man icon 1

I’m sorry, sir. But your password is wrong.Woman Icon 2

Really? Can I try it again? How about this time?Man icon 1

It’s correct now. Here’s your receipt, please sign at the bottom of it.Woman Icon 2

Okay. Here you are.Man icon 1

Here are five hundred dollars and your account. Please press the button to give a score for my service. Thank you.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Excuse me, sir.Woman Icon 2

Yes, may I help you?Man icon 1

I’d like you to cash this check for $100, please.Woman Icon 2

Do you have an account with us?Man icon 1

No. Actually I’d like to open an account right now.Woman Icon 2

What kind of account would you like to open?Man icon 1

A checking account.Woman Icon 2

Please fill in these forms. Can I have your ID card to make a copy?Man icon 1

 Yes, sure. Here you are.Woman Icon 2

Thanks. Please finish these forms. I’ll be right back.Man icon 1

Thank you.Woman Icon 2

Did you finish the forms? May I have them back?Man icon 1

Yes. Here you are.Woman Icon 2

Now, how would you like this check cashed, ma’am.Man icon 1

Ten tens will be fine.Woman Icon 2

Here you are.Man icon 1

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