Dancing Invitation English Conversation

Dancing Invitation English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Hello!Woman Icon 1

Hello, this is Mike.Man icon 2

Mike, nice to hear from you.Woman Icon 1

I’m phoning to tell you that we are going to have a custom ball and could you come to the party?Man icon 2

I’ll be glad to. When is it due?Woman Icon 1

This Saturday evening.Man icon 2

How do I make preparations for it?Woman Icon 1

The hood, robe, or cloak, anything you like. Just try to make others can’t recognize you…Man icon 2

Okay. Will the party go on very late?Woman Icon 1

Until two in the morning, but you don’t have to stay that long.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

Whom are you going to invite to the party?Woman Icon 1

Well, I’m certainly going to invite Mary and Susan.Man icon 2

Yes, of course, and are you going to invite Tom?Woman Icon 1

No, I don’t think so. He doesn’t like parties.Man icon 2

You’re wrong. Last night he dated his girlfriend and attended a party.Woman Icon 1

Really? Maybe he had no way out.Man icon 2

You are just kidding. He often enjoys party.Woman Icon 1

It’s up to you.Man icon 2

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