Dinner Invitation Conversation in English

Dinner Invitation Conversation in English

Dialogue 1

Let’s meet for lunch around midday.Man icon 2

Good idea. We can try the new pizza restaurant.Woman Icon 1

Yes, let’s try it. I’ve heard that it’s really good.Man icon 2

OK. I’ll see you there just after twelve.Woman Icon 1

What would you like?Man icon 2

It’s up to you.Woman Icon 1

How about pizza?Man icon 2

Pizza is good, but I prefer spaghetti.Woman Icon 1

Dialogue 2

Have you ever tried the Chinese restaurant at the corner?Woman Icon 1

Yeah.Man icon 2

Really? What do you think of it?Woman Icon 1

Excellent! I like Chinese food very much.Man icon 2

So do I. I like Chinese dumplings.Woman Icon 1

You mean Jiaozi?Man icon 2

Yes.Woman Icon 1

I like it very much. Their dumplings taste very good.Man icon 2

I’m watering now, let’s go there for lunch.Woman Icon 1

Deal!Man icon 2

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