English at the Gym

English at the Gym

Dialogue 1

Hi, Mary!Man icon 1

Hi, Jack! You look very healthy. Do you often take exercise recently?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I do. I go to the gymnasium twice a week.Man icon 1

That’s good for you! What do you often do at the gym?Woman Icon 2

There are many apparatus, such as running machine, dumbbell, dynamic bicycle, etc.Man icon 1

Oh, that’s too much for me! I want to do some light sports.Woman Icon 2

For girls, Yoga, bodybuilding exercise, and dancing are good choices.Man icon 1

That sounds interesting! I’d like to go and have a try!Woman Icon 2

Don’t hesitate anymore!Man icon 1

Haha, thanks for your information!Woman Icon 2

You’re welcome!Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

 I have been noticing you for quite a time. You look really strong, man!Man icon 1

Thank you. I have kept taking exercise here for almost two years.Man icon 2

2 years? That’s amazing! I have only been here for two months. I don’t think I can hold this on consistently and persistently.Man icon 1

It’s nothing difficult. You need to make yourself a plan at the beginning. Then just do according to it.Man icon 2

Good idea! I also want to have strong muscle like yours. It is quite attractive. Do you have any advice.Man icon 1

Sure. The bodybuilding apparatus are necessary for you. After exercise, you need to eat food contains carbohydrate.Man icon 2

I will do as you said.Man icon 1

Okay. I can’t wait to see your progress.Man icon 2

Thank you. It’s very kind of you.Man icon 1

You are welcome.Man icon 2

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