English Conversation about Apologizing

English Conversation about Apologizing

Dialogue 1

I am terribly sorry. I really shouldn’t say those words yesterday.Man icon 2

You don’t have to apologize.Woman Icon 1

I don’t know why I lost my temper and said so many stupid things.Man icon 2

It was my mistake in the first place. I hope you’ll forgive me for the mistake.Woman Icon 1

Even if it was your mistake, I shouldn’t have behaved like that.Man icon 2

Please don’t. I’ll be more focused from now on.Woman Icon 1

So you won’t take offense at what I said yesterday.Man icon 2

Actually, I never did.Woman Icon 1

Dialogue 2

Hey, Bob, I know you will come.Woman Icon 1

Is everything alright?Man icon 2

I’m sorry I don’t have the videotape ready.Woman Icon 1

That’s okay. I won’t need it until next Friday.Man icon 2

I’m sorry you have to make another trip.Woman Icon 1

Really, that is fine. If you can have it by next Thursday, everything will be good.Man icon 2

I think everything is going to turn out really good. I hope you will be really pleased with the final tape.Woman Icon 1

Yes, I’m sure I will be. Thanks for your help.Man icon 2

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