English Conversation about Baby Party

English Conversation about Baby Party

Dialogue 1

I’ve been meaning to ask why we have the party before the baby comes?Man icon 2

Because the mother-to-be has more energy before the baby’s birth?Woman Icon 1

When are you due?Man icon 2

By the end of next month. I’ll be free then.Woman Icon 1

Do you have any name picked out?Man icon 2

No, I haven’t got any idea.Woman Icon 1

Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?Man icon 2

I’m expecting a boy.Woman Icon 1

Well, let’s make a toast to the mother-to-be. Hope her dream will come true and have a healthy and bouncing baby!Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

These toys are lovely.Woman Icon 1

Open this one.Man icon 2

OK, a stroller!Woman Icon 1

It’s from Wendy. This one will fit for all your babies.Man icon 2

But we’re only going to have ONE child!Woman Icon 1

You’ll change your mind after you have the first one. Look! There are more presents. Let me open these.Man icon 2

Oh, a baby sleep monitor system! I love it really.Woman Icon 1

This is from my wife and me. I thought it would be helpful.Man icon 2

I was holding off on buying this until after the shower.Woman Icon 1

Well, now you can spend that money on something else. This is from Tingting.Man icon 2

Oh, she shouldn’t have.Woman Icon 1

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