English Conversation about Bedtime

English Conversation about Bedtime

Dialogue 1

Did you finish your homework?Woman Icon 2

I have just finished and I want to watch more TV.Man icon 1

You have to get up early tomorrow. Hurry up and go to sleep.Woman Icon 2

Okay.Man icon 1

Are you ready for tomorrow?Woman Icon 2

Sorry, I’m going to make it up.Man icon 1

Have you set up the alarm clock?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I set the alarm for seven o’clock just now.Man icon 1

Make sure you brush your teeth. Brushing them regularly helps to ward off tooth decay.Woman Icon 2

You have said for the tenth time. I won’t forget it.Man icon 1

Sweet dreams!Woman Icon 2

Thanks, and you too!Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

What are you doing, Jack?Man icon 1

I’m playing video games.Man icon 2

Enough with your video games? It’s time to go to bed.Man icon 1

No need to go to sleep, It’s still early.Man icon 2

We’ll give you a few minutes to play through.Man icon 1

How about ten minutes?Man icon 2

You have to get up early tomorrow morning. And you’d better turn in early tonight and get a good night’s rest.Man icon 1

I see. Okay.Man icon 2

It’s so hot. Would you like to take a bath?Man icon 1

Sounds good. Could you run me a hot bath?Man icon 2

Ah. I am running the bathwater.Man icon 1

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