English Conversation about Birthday Party

English Conversation about Birthday Party

Dialogue 1

Happy birthday, Alice. Many happy returns of the day. Here’s a present for you.Man icon 2

Thank you, Peter. Come into the dining room. I’m going to cut the cake soon. Have some sandwiches.Woman Icon 1

Thanks. Who’s that girl?Man icon 2

That’s Joan. She’s pretty, isn’t she? She likes to dance. Ask her to dance.Woman Icon 1

Well, I don’t know.Man icon 2

Don’t be afraid. She isn’t going to bite you.Woman Icon 1

Who’s afraid? I’m not at all.Man icon 2

Would you invite her to dance with you?Woman Icon 1

Just a piece of cake.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

Look! Someone is celebrating his birthday.Woman Icon 1

Yeah. In America, 21 is the age when you’re allowed to drink. So, many guys celebrate it in bars. What would you do to celebrate your birthday in China?Man icon 2

Nowadays, it’s no difference from America. You can see many birthday parties. But in old times, we have traditional ways to celebrate it.Woman Icon 1

Oh, really? Anything special?Man icon 2

We cook “long-lived” noodles. And for aged people, we prepare Longevity Peaches for blessing.Woman Icon 1

Wow, Longevity Peaches! What’s that?Man icon 2

They are made of wheat flour and they look just like real peaches.Woman Icon 1

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