English conversation about Decorating the room

English conversation about Decorating the room

Dialogue 1

Well, have you bought a place on the lake?Woman Icon 2

Yes, we’re having it decorated at the moment.Man icon 1

Is it so?Woman Icon 2

We’ve hired a professional to decorate the house. And we gave them a free hand in doing our apartment over.Man icon 1

Is your house to find repair?Woman Icon 2

Yes, the guest rooms will be furnished with luxurious carpets and fittings.Man icon 1

You certainly seem to have cost a lot on the decoration of your house.Woman Icon 2

Yes, it costs me quite some bucks.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Bill, the bedroom needs doing over.Woman Icon 2

Let me see. Scrape off all the loose flakes of paint before redecorating.Man icon 1

But I haven’t employed an interior decorator.Woman Icon 2

Why don’t we let Bob decorate our sitting room for us? He’s a dab hand at decorating.Man icon 1

How could we forget him?Woman Icon 2

But I’ve heard that he’s got a very busy time table this week. Maybe we should wait until next week.Man icon 1

Okay. And I’d like to push out new wings of the buildings.Woman Icon 2

We can consider it.Man icon 1

Eh… Shall we redecorate the parlor?Woman Icon 2

Yes, maybe we can decorate a style concise and lively.Man icon 1

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