English Conversation about Dinner

English Conversation about Dinner

Dialogue 1

John is visiting us tonight.Woman Icon 2

Ah, good. Which would you like for dinner, beef, chicken or fish?Man icon 1

I feel like some fish and chips for supper.Woman Icon 2

Shall we dress some salad?Man icon 1

Yes. It’s fine. Let’s get some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers for salad and some of these spices garlic, parsley, ginger, and green onions for seasoning.Woman Icon 2

We happen to have all of these.Man icon 1

We arranged to come over to us at 6 o’clock.Woman Icon 2

Let’s roll up sleeves and begin to prepare for supper.Man icon 1

Did you wash your hands well?Woman Icon 2

Not yet. I’ll be there momentarily.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Is dinner ready?Woman Icon 1

Yes, come and get it.Woman Icon 2

What’s good tonight? Do you need some help?Woman Icon 1

Today we’re having Hamburg steak.Woman Icon 2

Wow! Chicken noodle clam chowder soup! It’s really delicious.Woman Icon 1

Spread a cloth over the table. Strain the fat off before you serve the soup.Woman Icon 2

I’ll be right there.Woman Icon 1

Don’t spill it! Help me set the table, will you?Woman Icon 2

It’s already. Fetch your father in for the dinner.Woman Icon 1

He has to make a telephone call first and let us go ahead.Woman Icon 2

Okay. Let’s eat.Woman Icon 1

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