English Conversation about Domestic Expenses

English Conversation about Domestic Expenses

Dialogue 1

How much money did we spend last month?Man icon 1

No idea. But I keep a record of our costs.Woman Icon 2

What about the living expenses?Man icon 1

I have never counted them.Woman Icon 2

Won’t you let me have a look? Oh, we barely made both ends meet last month.Man icon 1

Yes, our expenses are mounting up.Woman Icon 2

You know the cost of everything is rising. Take a squint at this. They are rarely needed.Man icon 1

Yes, you are right. But I thought they are necessary at that time.Woman Icon 2

We need to keep our spending in check.Man icon 1

Well, I remember that.Woman Icon 2

We should organize our spending so that we don’t live beyond our means.Man icon 1

I promise. I will keep a tight rein on expenditure from now on.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Yesterday I got the gas and water bills.Woman Icon 2

How much is this going to cost?Man icon 1

About $300Woman Icon 2

By what date do we have to pay?Man icon 1

This Saturday.Woman Icon 2

I have to drop by the bank to get some money.Man icon 1

How much money are you going to draw from the bank?Woman Icon 2

 $400Man icon 1

Could you get more money? I have no cash on hand. I’d like to buy our kids clothes at a secondhand store.Woman Icon 2

All right.Man icon 1

I’ll go with you.Woman Icon 2

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