English Conversation about House Party

English Conversation about House Party

Dialogue 1

I want to invite you to a party. At our new house and…Woman Icon 1

New house? Really?Man icon 2

Yes. We’ve moved. That’s why we’re giving the house-warming party. Can you come?Woman Icon 1

Well, that depends. When will it be?Man icon 2

This Saturday evening, at 8:00 pm.Woman Icon 1

Well… I’m going away on Sunday morning very early. Will the party go on very late?Man icon 2

Until two in the next morning. But you don’t have to stay that long. What about it?Woman Icon 1

All right. I’ll come. But I’d like to bring a present for your new house.Man icon 2

Nothing. I mean, don’t bring anything. It is unnecessaryWoman Icon 1

Dialogue 2

You’ve got a very nice house.Woman Icon 1

Really? Come on in. our new house doesn’t feel like a home yet.Man icon 2

Well, it’s good enough.Woman Icon 1

Now let’s take a tour of the house.Man icon 2

I could hardly wait to have a look. Wow! Your home is very beautiful!Woman Icon 1

Thank you for saying so.Man icon 2

How big is the apartment?Woman Icon 1

About one hundred square meters.Man icon 2

How do you like the neighborhood?Woman Icon 1

We just moved into this neighborhood few days ago. So far so good. It’s so quiet and peaceful here. And the air’s fresh and cool.Man icon 2

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