English Conversation About The Time

English Conversation About The Time

What time is it?Man icon 1

 It is 5:30. Why?Woman Icon 2

  I think I’m going to be late. I have a meeting at 5:45.Man icon 1

 Late! Why? You still have 15 minutes. That’s plenty of time.Woman Icon 2

   No it isn’t. It’s Tuesday. Today there is so much traffic.Man icon 1

  How long does it normally take to get there?Woman Icon 2

    Normally. It takes 10 minutes. But if there’s traffic it’ll take more than 30 minutes. A half an hour!Man icon 1

  Well, since you are already late, why not just stay here? Can you miss your meeting?Woman Icon 2

     Yeah it’s not that important. I’ll just call them and tell them I won’t make it today.Man icon 1

   Sure, and you can leave earlier next time.Woman Icon 2

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