English Conversation about Treating Someone at Home

English Conversation about Treating Someone at Home

Dialogue 1

Are you the guest to join the garden party?Woman Icon 1

Yes, I’m from Los Angeles.Man icon 2

The reception desk is in the best view of Building 2. Let me check your things for you.Woman Icon 1

Thank you. Does the party begin at ten o’clock?Man icon 2

Yes, sir. You still have 40 minutes to prepare something else.Woman Icon 1

The garden here is beautiful and ancient.Man icon 2

Yes, and it is well kept, too.Woman Icon 1

It really has a charm of its own. A party in the open gives a greater sense of freedom than one held in the room.Man icon 2

I wish you a good time.Woman Icon 1

Thanks a lot.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

Everything is ready. Please come to the dining room.Woman Icon 1

Wow, what a marvelous table you’ve got here! I’ve long heard Chinese dishes are well-known all over the world for their color, aroma and taste.Man icon 2

I hope you’ll like my cooking.Woman Icon 1

I think you are not only a good teacher but also a good cook.Man icon 2

Thanks for the compliment. Let’s begin with chicken which will bring good luck to the guests, according to Chinese table culture.Woman Icon 1

It sounds interesting. Now that I’ll eat more.Man icon 2

Please help yourself to it.Woman Icon 1

Thanks. I like fried kidney best among Chinese food.Man icon 2

Have a try of it.Woman Icon 1

Well, really unusual! The fried kidney is quite tender and delicious!Man icon 2

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