English Conversation about Tutoring the Child

English Conversation about Tutoring the Child

Dialogue 1

When do you take your finals?Woman Icon 2

Is it two weeks before it.Man icon 1

Did you revise the lessons before class?Woman Icon 2

Not yet.Man icon 1

Pick up your pace. It’s getting late!Woman Icon 2

I see, mom. I’m just going to!Man icon 1

Shall we go over your English exercises together?Woman Icon 2

I can do it alone, you have been working for a whole day. Just go to sleep early.Man icon 1

Don’t worry about me. I’m not tired.Woman Icon 2

All right then!Man icon 1

Where is your exercise book? I cannot find it in your school bag.Woman Icon 2

I have taken it out and put it on to the table.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

How did you do on your math examination?Woman Icon 2

What a shame! I failed in this examination!Man icon 1

What are the reasons? That exam was not very hard.Woman Icon 2

As a matter of fact, I have no interest in math.Man icon 1

Interest is the best teacher. I believe that it is most important to develop your interest.Woman Icon 2

That’s how I feel as well. But I can’t work up any interest in it.Man icon 1

Do you think you need to join a remedial class?Woman Icon 2

Well, there is no other way.Man icon 1

Your midterm exams are almost here, I decide to help you from this evening, what do you think of it?Woman Icon 2

Thanks, mom. You are really a great mom.Man icon 1

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