English conversation at shopping mall

English conversation at shopping mall

Dialogue 1

May I see some hats, please?Woman Icon 1

What size do you take?Man icon 2

I’m sorry. I don’t know.Woman Icon 1

Let me measure you… Your size is 6. What color would you like?Man icon 2

Brown, please.Woman Icon 1

Here are some nice brown hats. Try this hat on. It’s a very good one.Man icon 2

Yes, I like this one. It goes very well with my coat. How much is it?Woman Icon 1

It’s ten dollars. Would you like to take it?Man icon 2

Yes. I’m glad to take it.Woman Icon 1

Do you want me to put it in a box?Man icon 2

No, thank you. I’d like to put it on now.Woman Icon 1

Dialogue 2

Can I help you?Woman Icon 1

Yes, I’m looking for a watch for me.Man icon 2

I see. What price are you interested in?Woman Icon 1

The price doesn’t matter. But it must be a gold watch, and automatic.Man icon 2

Hum… something like this, perhaps. It’s one of our best watches. Made in Switzerland Fully automatic, with a calendar.Woman Icon 1

It’s nice… but haven’t you got anything better?Man icon 2

Better? Better than this? Well, we have some Rolexes… probably the best watch in the world.Woman Icon 1

Would you show me one, please?Man icon 2

Yes, would you wait here for a moment, please?Woman Icon 1

OK.Man icon 2

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